My thoughts on the Tria Laser Hair Removal System

This is what many have wanted to hear; you can now get rid of unsightly body hair once and for all. But this is not going to be an expensive undertaking as you are probably thinking. No visits to a certified clinic for laser hair removal or many sessions of electrolysis; you can now remove hair permanently from the comfort of your bathroom thanks to Tria Laser Hair Removal System. But what is Tria Laser Hair Removal machine review and how does it work?

Let’s start from laser hair removal. This is a revolutionary technique of hair removal that gets rid of body hair permanently. How does it do this? Well laser works by targeting the hair follicle . It’s beam of energy targets pigment and thus laser hair removal works best with light skin and dark hair. The essence of this is that light skin possesses very little pigment thus a lot of the laser beam’s energy hits the dark pigmented hair follicle, destroying it in the process. It thus going without saying that dark skin will absorb much of the energy and the hair follicle will not be destroyed. In fact, dark skin may be damaged by laser.

The Tria uses laser technology and one thing you will be pleased to know is the fact that it has been FDA certified for use below the neck. It meets all the criteria set by the FDA and so you can sit back and relax knowing you are using a safe product. To back this claim, for one to unlock the Tria you’ve got to scan your skin tone with it and it will only unlock if your skin is light enough.

Although it costs around $400, you will be pleased to know that it costs significantly less than going for a number of sessions to a laser clinic. You can use it repeatedly for a period of up to 6-9 months so as to see optimal results. It has a lifetime of 300 charges- but wait a minute, a charge lifetime lasts anywhere between a month to 2 months. That is more than enough time for you to chuck all the body hair in your underarms, bikini line, legs and back.

The Tria is user-friendly and rank amongst the best laser hair removal machines for home use. Absolutely any adult can use the Tria. You don’t need a specialist to work this device on you to see results. It comes with clear guidelines along with a list of frequently asked questions and answers. Using the Tria is as easy as picking it up and directing its nose to the section you want to treat and pulling the trigger. For the best results, shave ( but don’t wax or epilate) the area of interest before using the Tria on it.

For those with a low pain threshold, you can rejoice because there’s very little discomfort that comes with using the Tria. Tria has 5 intensity levels, 1to 5.

  • Levels 1 and 2 lack any discomfort.
  • Level 3 will make you treat heat up.
  • Levels 4 and 5 are uncomfortable but you can handle it. Use it to remove coarser hair

Finally, the Tria is lightweight and can be used by those with smaller hands that makes it very easy to use in privacy like in the bathroom of your house.

Facing the crowd with those pout lips

Being a celebrity is a hard job and every camera focuses on them from their assets to their flaws. But one good thing about being a celebrity is the endless support of your fans and their love for you is hardcore. Okay, enough about the fans—let’s talk about celebrities and their ultra-attractive lips.

Female celebrities all have different assets in them from having ideal rounded butts to having the best kissable lips. And talk about having the best lips, we can’t just get enough of those.

First off, we have Angelina Jolie. My, my…those pout lips are worth looking at. There are no other celebrities who can match those mega pout lips and she’s been rocking the number 1 spot in every magazine when it comes to a lip-contest. Aside from being stunningly beautiful, her attractive lips can make any guy fall down to his knees just to give a long good kiss on Angelina’s lips. Lucky you, Brad Pitt!

Scarlett Johansson runs second in the list with her plumped full lips and elegant smile; she’s sure giving us the big W-O-W. This actress is also famous for her pretty face and her fierce and daring role in several Hollywood movies.

Who runs third in the list? It’s none other than Jessica Alba. She has one of the most kissable and pout lips ever. With that playful smile, her lips bring out the full attraction of being strikingly charming in front of the camera and in facing the crowd.

Last but not the least, she’s a phenomenal star in the 1960’s and even saying sexy is an understatement because Marilyn Monroe brings the sex appeal to a whole new level. She’s more than a sex icon, what with luscious pout and the ideal luxurious body every woman desires: Marilyn Monroe is still considered the reigning queen until today’s decade.

The funkiest party vectors ever!

Who doesn’t love parties? We all enjoy party. Here I have brought the top party vectors.

Here is the classic party style vector which I put in the first position amongst my favorite party vectors. A dark background, dance, music, lighting and a huge crowd, all are represented within this single image. You will never miss the fun from it. If you want to create a party invitation or make a large banner for your party, this should be the priority of your designs. What I love about this vector is the generalized idea of any party and all the elements of any party included in one image.

I put this vector as the second among the party vectors because it is an aesthetic representation of a party, music and dance. Look at the background, lights are coming out from the dark. The musical cloud is flowing in every direction, and the girl inside the musical environment is enjoying the party vector. If you want to make a difference from the others with your party production, this should be your image. I hope this aesthetic sense of a party will match your party’s concept.

This third image is basically an invitation card. But this also resembles all the party items, the dance, the musical moves and beside it has an additional thing, you can put it in any hard or soft materials of your production. Its basic design made me put it in the third place. This image can easily be fit into a web slider or your presentation slide. Or it can be used as an invitation card, or press release cover as well. Besides if you want neat designs, this image goes with you.

We have talked all type of parties except kids’ parties. And the best party for children is the birthday party. It is hard to get some childish looking party vectors but I chose this one. This one has the fun, this has a birthday meaning and the balloons and cakes, the most precious elements of a birthday party.

Feel good with healthy eating!

Nowadays, being on a “diet” is taken negatively by some people. For them, it simply means depriving yourself of food or not eating three times a day. In fact, diet has been synonymous with getting thinner. However, these are only misconceptions about diet and the true meaning on why a person takes on a diet is to keep himself healthy as much as possible by taking in more nutritive substances and eating foods in moderation.

The main goal is to feel good with what you eat and making gradual changes to your eating habits for a healthier you.

1. Eat everything in moderation:

Don’t deprive yourself of the foods you love or eating less that what you normally eat. An example for eating in moderation would be eating your favorite ham and egg sandwich once a week for breakfast and following it with a healthy lunch and dinner of fresh vegetables and fruits. Avoid thinking of the number of calories you’ll get or the foods you think that are off-limits. Think of smaller proportions every time you eat and end your meal with a sweet fruit.

2. Chew your food properly:

An average person chews his food for 15-20 times. Don’t rush when you are eating—it’s one of those times in which your body can get nourishment for every day’s work. Savor every bite and feel the flavors of the food you eat.

3. Avoid midnight snacks: Those midnight snacks are actually no help in gaining nutrients because it just adds more cholesterol to your system. Your body won’t be able to digest the snacks right away because it’s still in a resting state and you’re better off sleeping with the added fats.

4. Maintain a balance of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals and vitamins:

Eat whole grains. Avoid saturated fats (red meat). Add calcium. Limit Sugar and Salt. Go for beans and nuts.